Thursday, January 24, 2019

Nike driving a chariot - incredible ancient gold jewelry piece

So since I published the last post about the jewelry I used as models for the bling on my Aphrodite coloring page at, I've been getting a lot of notices from Pinterest about ancient jewelry. That's fun, but I got one today that just blew me away. This is a picture of an earring identified as Greek, Northern Greek, Late Classical or Early Hellenistic Period, about 350–325 B.C. It's in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This unbelievably stunning work is not quite 2 inches high. Take a look.

Nike driving a chariot

This is an EARRING, for Pete's sake, that's more complicated than some bronze statuary. And more beautiful than some I've seen, too. Right now I'm still trying to get my jaw up off the floor.

What is art, and what do you care anyway?

YES, damnit, it IS SO art!

The other night I struggled with a moral dilemma. An ad for came through my Facebook feed - this is a company that ...